*Manicures & Pedicures*

*Bio Sculpture Gel*

*CND Shellac*

  • Treatments Strengthen & Condition Natural Nails
  • Beautiful Range of Fashion Colours & French in Nail Polish or Gel
  • Nails for Special Occasions — Weddings
    & Parties
  • Advantages of Gel

  • Gel Dries Instantly & will not Smudge — Ideal for Pedicures too
  • Quick & Easy Gel Removal with no Damage to Nails
  • Long Wearing & Chip-Proof Gel — Great for Holidays
  • You can easily change your Nail Colour by applying Nail Polish over the Gel

Bio Sculpture offers colour or french gel that can be applied over natural nails and promotes their growth. The gel is cured under a UV lamp and it lasts for weeks without wearing or chipping.

CND Shellac is applied over natural nails giving a mirror finish, drying instantly and lasts for approximately 14 days without losing shine. Shellac is cured under a LED lamp and offers quick application with easy removal.

Visit Nicola at Elite - your qualified Technician - to discover the difference of a healthier nail treatment that's a pleasure to use and wear. Bio Sculpture Gel and CND Shellac make nails beautiful and strong. Superior products that will not damage the natural nail and have no odour or fumes during application.